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I'm a little surprised you guys voted not to help Guild Murotsumi! In return for our lack of generosity, we've been locked out of my favorite subplot of the game. What would've happened if we'd helped them? Well, you'll just have to wait until Playthrough #2 to find out, since we WILL be helping them the second time around.

In unrelated news, I'd like to remind you all that catfish is delicious.

Fry it up real nice and crispy, it's so good. )
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I'm gonna be honest, guys, I hate the first boss in every single Etrian Odyssey game. This one is probably more manageable than most, which makes my intense dislike for it kind of silly in hindsight, but like...honestly...I am just Tired of First Bosses. I started an EO4 playthrough recently, and I began a Classic run of EO2U and intend to canon review the Story mode, and I'm eyeballing EOU for the same reasons. Lots of first bosses all in a row.

Now, the logical conclusion would be to stop restarting Etrian Odyssey games for a while, but...nah.

Anyway, this update is shorter than usual, because there is a choice at the end of this that impacts the story later, and I need input from you, my lovely readers. If it's a tie, I'll break it.

I've let Atlus take control of my life, and I can't say I'm entirely displeased with that decision. )
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I've played the beginning of this game so many times, I always get excited once it's near the end of the stratum. The learning curve is over, so the game can start truly testing your skills and your party. In my case, it'll be more skills than party since I've never used a Farmer for the full game before.

In the meantime, Guild Kickbutt continues to descend the Labyrinth.

This one is a grinding-heavy session, but it's good for later setup, at least. )
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This part seems like we get a lot done, but it's really just one guild's quest to avoid getting wrecked by giant parrots. We will move the story forward a little by meeting another important character, though, so at least there's that.

With Kujura and Mystery NPC, we're beginning to round out the main cast. )
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I've been really sick lately, so the updates are going to be a little scattered while I try to recover and catch up on my screenshotting. In this update, we'll be introduced to another of the more important characters in the storyline, though their involvement is still minimal at this point. We'll also be introduced to the sailing portion of the game, but I'll be covering that pretty vaguely since a lot of it is just figuring out how to get from point A to point B. I'll just cut out the middleman, and show you points A and B.

Anyway, let's get going. )
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I've taken a comment Prof left last time into account and doubled the image size from here onward, and I'll eventually go back and replace all the images in part 1 with blown-up versions as well. This should help with readability, to a certain extent - the device I'm using still displays the text weirdly, but at least now you won't have to squint AND try to guess if the game is trying to hide a vertical line from you. It will slightly reduce the quality of the character and enemy sprites, but they're so well-done in the first place that it's not a huge deal.

Last time, we were just about to head into the Labyrinth. It's been talked up so much, cited as a truly dangerous place...but there's no turning back now. We begin in the first stratum: the Waterfall Wood.

What does the Labyrinth have in store for us? )
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If you've known me for five seconds, you either know I'm obsessed with horrible, disgusting sea creatures, or you know I'm obsessed with Etrian Odyssey.

Thankfully, Etrian Odyssey III has both of these things!

Etrian Odyssey is the third title in the series, obviously, and is the most polished of the three games that came out for the original Nintendo DS. Etrian Odyssey had difficulties with balancing its skills, Etrian Odyssey II had an absolutely insane postgame level-up system that made everyone angry and wasted everyone's time, and...well, Etrian Odyssey III threw out all the classes and conventions from EO1 and EO2 and made its own. And that was a very wise decision.

The later entries in the series, beginning with Etrian Odyssey IV and moving into the more polished remakes of EO1 and EO2, are good, and certainly the menus and skill trees are designed better than EO3's, but the issue of balance remains in all of these games. I feel that Etrian Odyssey III is the most balanced Etrian Odyssey game to date; it is so good, in fact, that I would be satisfied if it did not receive an update.

It's an extremely important game to me, and I want to share the story with everyone, since the gameplay is definitely not the most user-accessible. The Etrian Odyssey series is notorious for its difficulty and grind-heavy nature. So I'll be suffering in your stead! Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

The story of Etrian Odyssey III begins in Armoroad, a city in the southern tropics, surrounded by blue sea and skies...

Onward, to glory! )
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* = not available with hidden ability, due either to this friend not playing Pokemon or simply not having progressed far enough.

Pokemon may be listed twice; I am listing by the Pokemon's typing and not necessarily the Safari they appear in. This makes it easier for people who are looking for what they want to find their Pokemon by type.

In return, all I want is fodder, or Pokemon I don't have yet. I have an unlimited supply of these little shits, so it's not skin off my back to give them away for virtually nothing.

It's long, but here it is. )
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